Nappy Kits


We hire a range of nappy kits, according to your needs.
Unless otherwise stated, all kits come with a range of accessories such as wetbags, liners and wipes.
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Newborn Membership
– £30 for 6 months.
– all the nappies you need to get you from that first nappy change through to building your own ‘stash’.
– This is a kit in two parts: Part 1 contains Size 0 and Size 1 nappies suitable for babies approximately 6lbs to 16lbs.
Then when baby has outgrown them we will swap them for one of our ‘Try Before You Buy’ kits.
– Hire period of 6 months.  Suitable from birth.

Try Before You Buy Kit – £5 per month
– a range of One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappies to try out lots of different styles.
– Hire period Monthly.  Suitable from approx 12 weeks / 12lbs.

Terries Kit – £10 for 4 months
– good old fashioned flat Terry nappies and waterproof wraps
– Hire period Quarterly.  Suitable from birth.

Tumbledryer Kit – £10 for 4 months
– robust Motherease Shaped nappies and waterproof wraps
– Hire period Quarterly.  Suitable from birth. Please note these nappies are quite bulky on the bottom.

Speedy Nappy Kit – £15 per year
– quick drying Microfibre nappies
– Hire period Yearly – Suitable from 6 months

All In One / Pocket Nappy Kit – £20 per year
– quick drying nappies
– Hire period Yearly – Suitable from 6 months

Custom Mini Kit – from 25p per item plus refundable deposit
– if wehave it in stock, you can hire it!
– includes: sized nappies / OSFM nappies / swim nappies / training pants / wool or fleece covers / wet bags / reusable wipes
– Hire period Varies- Suitable from Birth