Nappy Kits

We stock two types of Standard Kits (Newborn and Birth to Potty Trial) and can create a Custom Kit just for you if you have specific requirements such as potty training/enuresis/sensitive skin.

Kits can be booked via the website and are issued on a strictly ‘first come, first served’ basis.  That said, we do have a large stock so if a standard kit is unavailable, we can usually provide a similar Custom Kit at a discounted rate. Waiting list times do vary as some families return their kits sooner than others.

Newborn Kits include approximately 50 nappies, (sample kit list available on request) and contains all the nappies and accessories that you would need to use cloth from birth if that was your preference. The Newborn Kit can be swapped once baby is approximately 3 months for a Trial Kit which contains fewer nappies (approx 25) but a broader range of styles to help you clarify what you would wish to purchase for your baby.

All standard kits contain the same types of nappies, but not all kits contain the same brand.