Nappy Booking Form

All kits are currently booked until March 2019 and due to maternity leave we are unable to book any kit hires for April 2019 onwards.  We intend to reopen waiting lists as soon as we can, please follow our social media feeds to keep up to date.
For the moment, the following information may be useful.
Some other nappy libraries operate a postal loan service, see the red pins on the map
Have you had considered a laundry service? cover the whole of London and may be a good solution for you.
To buy nappies, you could try preloved nappy groups on Facebook which are admined by Nappy Librarians:
– Pre-loved Cloth nappies and accessories
– cloth bum mums (cbm) sales (uk)
If you have your own nappies but want help and support:
– UK Cloth Nappy Libraries Nappy Natter
– Team Mills Blog, a place where a Nappy Librarian shares her knowledge and experience in an easily accessible way.
If you want to buy new nappies:
There are lots of wonderful online retailers, but in London we are lucky enough to have a real shop that sells reusable nappies which is  only about 15 minutes walk from Hoxton on the Ginger Line.
Best wishes
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